By Mary N. DiZazzo


Ciao bella,

Is there a decent photo of you anywhere? The camera snaps and flashes and in that split second you pray your eyes are not shut, your double chin doesn't show up, or that blemish won't be too noticeable. Well, leave all those worries behind when you call a portrait photographer.

You're planning a family portrait picture and you feel losing those last ten pounds will enhance your silhouette. Without counting a calorie or carb they can slim you down, remove acne, wrinkles or bags under eyes in a jiffy. They make you look as beautiful as you know you are --with digital reimaging.

Even an unwanted family member can be digitally removed from any photo.

Some of these photography studios also provide amazing backgrounds from ancient Rome to Hollywood. They supply fancy accessories, clothing, and even fix your hair, including a makeover job just for the camera shoot --what would be called a glamour pose.

My mom and I did separate glamour poses just over ten years ago. Those photo portraits have become a wonderful memory.

I remember we had so much fun playing dress-up for the camera.

New England Portrait Photography has had over 25 years experience in perfecting the perfect photo. They can also do a "boudoir pose" which can make a great gift for hubby's private office.

So get ready and say cheese.

Buona giornata


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