By Mary N. DiZazzo

"Baby, take off your dress -- yes, yes, yes.
You can leave your hat on."

Lyrics by Randy Newman, as sung by Joe Cocker


Ciao bella,

Ah, che bellisimo capello!

Whether it's a bad hair day or you'd like to feel uniquely grand about yourself, grab a hat.

My hat wearing days started when I realized my Italian frizzy curls just wouldn't listen to me. So I bought a hat and stuffed in all those banana curls --cute when you're a kid.

The compliments and comments just rolled in. I would hear "great outfit," "nice hat,", "I wish I could wear a hat like that." Well, why not?

Now that I'm a full-fledged hat queen, I say go for it.

There is always a feeling of flair when you know you've chosen the perfect outfit including matching jewelry, purse, etc. You look marvelous. Finish it off with a fetching topper.

Hats should be worn as an expression of oneself. To wear one confidently --not fussing with it in public except if the wind gets out of control-- exudes a certain attitude. Donning one has certainly gotten me "in."

How did this crowning glory originate? Possibly when the Apostle Paul declared in his letter to the Corinthians (1 Cor. 11: 5) that a woman must cover her head during worship, symbolizing her obedience to God and the church.

It was the African-American women who would comply with a deep passion. For generations Black women have heeded the Apostle Paul's request. Just head on down to Harlem in New York some Sunday morning. You will see the convergence of faith and fashion in grand procession of style. You'll observe the noticeably aristocratic stature of these beauties.

Next time dare to wear. A place to start is at the Gibson House Tea at the Four Seasons Hotel in the spring. It is truly a hat affair.

Buona giornata


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