By Mary N. DiZazzo


Ciao bella,

Find your nearest oxygen bar and feel the euphoria. After a ten-minute dose of the many aromas via a tube in your nose, expect a feeling of increased energy and alertness.

The air we breath is made up of 21 percent oxygen and 78 percent nitrogen. At an oxygen bar an oxygen generator separates the oxygen from the surrounding air and concentrates it up at 95 percent.

The oxygen travels through a bubble humidifier where it combines with aromatherapy to relax a client.

Whether you're feeling sluggish, stressed, or even had a few too many martinis the night before, an oxygen session should improve a clients performance, circulation and provide some relief.

While in Provincetown, I found two oxygen bars. Carol Hall brought from Arizona her oxygen station set up at the Boatslip Resort on Commercial Street. The station accommodates up to seven peopleat a time. Just around 3:00 p.m., before Tea Dance every one can get their "natural high" to increase stamina and dance performance.

Also on Commercial Street is the West End Salon and Spa that also supplies the relaxing pleasures of oxygen.

Some of the scents there include banana cream, coffee, lavender, rosemary, pina colada, and more.

Look for Ryan Michael and he can turn you on to the many talents of the employees at the West End Salon and Spa.

So everyone, take a deep breath...of oxygen.

Buona giornata


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