By Mary N. DiZazzo

"The sun always shines," says Jarrod Di Giovanni.

Ciao bella,

"Going for the glow"; "fake and bake," whatever you call indoor tanning, its popularity is staying strong says Jarrod Di Giovanni, owner of Suntastic in East Boston's Day Square.

Just about four months ago Jarrod opened a classy Euro design tanning salon. He says he never expected this much business. Jessica, Jarrod's girlfriend, says tanning treats skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis, and she has seen many customers with these skin conditions improve dramatically from tanning.

She claims tanning in one of the sun capsules is safer than outside because it is controlled.

I also spoke with Vance, a good customer and friend of this high performance tanning salon. He feels that his tan makes a positive appearance to his peers. "People approach you differently," he says.

Besides an all-over glowing good feel about yourself, tanning relaxes and relieves stress. Those few minutes you spend tanning can change your day and attitude.

New studies by experts have recently claimed a vitamin D deficiency is now epidemic in American society and UV exposure from indoor tanning booths provide a valuable source of vitamin D. Also a mood elevator, vitamin D aids in calcium absorption and also helps prevent abnormal cell growth within the body.

So whether you're looking for a spiritual high, a little color, or some vitamin D supplement, come and visit with the friendly staff at Suntastic.

Buona giornata


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