By Mary N. DiZazzo

As if beholding a slumbering angel, the prince could not turn away his gaze. the power of her beauty was such that he immediately bent over and kissed her delicate lips. Once hundred years after she pricked her finger, the princess opened her eyes.

--from The Tale of Sleeping Beauty

Ciao bella,

Beauty rest--do we get enough? Maybe a nap in the workplace will do. Since two-thirds of Americans don't get enough sleep, it is important to refresh yourself with a snooze.

Ever notice when you first wake from a night's sleep that your complexion and skin tone just look so rested? Recent studies by napping advocates have proven the benefits of a power nap.

They claim by experimenting with sleep deprivation "a positive change in productivity and attitude can be worthwhile improvements from just a quick snooze."

Now this doesn't mean a siesta. Here are some hints for us sleep deprived.

Napping is in many aspects better than having a cup of coffee.

Napping should only be done during a break or lunch.

There are some companies that have acknowledged the apparent benefits of napping.

Put your head in your hand and pretend you're reading.

Napping in your car is also an alternative.

According to Dr. James Wyatt of St. Luke's Medical Center in Chicago, "weekday naps should be kept under a half an hour."

A longer nap lasting 45 minutes is an ideal afternoon refresher but the napper will likely enter deep sleep and wake up feeling groggy and disoriented.

More than two hours is a complete sleep cycle.

Daytime napping is an art form with significant value.

Sogni d'oro!


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