By Mary N. DiZazzo


Ciao bella,

Relax domestic kittens; we're not talking about sewing here.

Threading is an ancient form of hair removal widely practiced throughout Asia and Europe. According to my recent experience, it is extremely well taught in India. It is a marvelous alternative to waxing or tweezing.

Truthfully, I had never heard of it until recently when I walked by Bombay Salon in New York City's Midtown. I peered through the window, watching and admiring such a talented task. Women and girls alike dropped by waiting for their five-minute session. It's truly a unique and painless way to arch those brows.

Gals left quite pleased and raving about what a flawless job Manisha has always done. I was next and quite amazed at the difference.

Threading involves 100 percent cotton thread, which is twisted and pulled along a row (as opposed to a single strand) of unwanted hair.

Similar to tweezing, threading lifts out hair directly from the follicle and needs a few swipes per brow.

These girls are certainly talented. Imagine what they say about their Karma Sutra skills!

Now that I'm back in Boston I am going to try out Preti at Leeba Salon on Commonwealth Ave. She says threading originated in Turkey ad spread to her native India. She claims it takes ten minutes to learn the technique but several years to master the practice of arching and shaping the eyebrow. After eight years, she feels she is up to the standard of her mom, who still practices threading in India after 25 years.

Also heard a rave review from my friend Gina who has Ghada thread her brows at a sister salon, Leeba, on State Street, also in Boston.

Arched brows make a prettier smile.

Buona giornata.


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