By Mary N. DiZazzo

"The summer wind came blowing in from across the sea..."

    --by Johnny Mercer, after German lyrics by Hans Bradtke

Ciao bella,

"The summer wind..." --image Sinatra singing and swinging it; you're on the beach. Now, quick, tell me, what's in your beach bag? Here's a checklist for all you bathing beauties. A survival knit for sun and sand can be very important to how good of a time you have outdoors.

Did you know statistics have found that we spend 90% of our lives indoors. Get out and enjoy the summer!

The lovely Tanya, at the bar at Radius on Saturday evening, helped with this list of must items for summer sand and surf

Here goes:

--Numero uno: sunscreen. Kosmea offers a patented formula of protection by encapsulating the octyl methoxycinnamate sunscreen particles in a natural protective bubble. Those bubbles float over the surface of your skin, invisibly helping to deflect the sun's harmful rays. Less sunscreen is needed and it does not penetrate the pores. Contains rose hip oil, olive oil, aloe vera, vitamin E, and green tea extract. It has an SPF30+ (technically, any higher number of protection is a fallacy).

--Comb or mini brush for those coif touch ups.

--Tinted zinc oxide for lips. Completes protection and comes in pink. A little color on the lip outlines a pretty mug.

--Pack of tissues and handy-wipes for sticky salt water and cotton candy.

--Bottle of water. Stick one in the freezer overnight and ecco la --a frozen treat that lasts for hours.

--Spritz bottle to cool down your skin.

--Flip-flops for a quick sprint across the hot sand from cottage to shore or patio to pool.

--Carefully chosen shades--ah, the sunglasses should be vintage, of course!

--Extra cash, change for meter and snacks.

--A trashy novel in case there is a limited amount of people watching.

Buona giornata.


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