By Mary N. DiZazzo

To Feel Well is to Look Beautiful.

Ciao bella,

Homeopathy --Are you doing it? --Does it work?

Homeopathy is a broad spectrum of alternative healing. Implementing a therapeutic method using natural resources in micro doses stimulates the body's own healing power. Noted research from as early as the 18th century has reasonably proved it does work. This alternative treatment of preventing and curing illness also complements the conventional methods of curing and healing. Although homeopathy is known to be non-toxic with no side effects, homeopathic medicines are regulated in the U.S. as drugs by the Food and Drug Administration since 1938. Strict manufacturing regulations are in accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the U.S. and recognized good manufacturing practices for drugs.

From disease prevention to treatment, this method of healing starts from within a patient, not just alleviating symptoms. Based on nature's law of cure, the facts of this law were discovered by German scientist, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, through extensive clinical experimentation. We can surely say he is the father of this extraordinary system of healing. It treats the body and mind as a whole organism. Individual organs are not the cause of illness; but the disturbance of our life force, vital energy of the body. A "safe and cure" round of remedies have proved to be key elements influencing the body's energy. Homeopathic medicines can be effective in treating many acute and chronic health conditions such a cold, flu, allergies, stress, arthritis, jet lag, motion sickness, teething, and trauma.

Recently, on my trip to Europe, we decided to try homeopathic motion sickness pellets. First you pop three to six into your mouth to dissolve, never touching them with your fingers. I felt a difference and would practice it again. I will also keep an open mind regarding other alternative solutions for healing.

For more information and purchases, try any health and nutrition store near you.

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