By Mary N. DiZazzo

For her feet have touched the meadow and left the daisies rosy.

--Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Ciao bella,

Where have your feet been? Walking and shopping all over the city in those socks and shoes all day? Maybe a Barefoot Contessa on occasion wearing an open-toe or sandal? In any case you need to pamper those piggies with some tender loving care.

A pedicure from a professional is truly a must. But in between those professional services are valued products to aid in healing and promote an over-all well-feeling.

Yes, from just taking good care of your feet you can experience better health. There are "pressure" points on your feet that directly affect your organs, spine, sciatic nerve, eyes, etc. Every part of the foot represents a part of the body; the relevance of treating the feet with care and kindness is obvious.

It is called reflexology, a fascinating science that performs an extremely effective form of therapeutic foot massage. For whatever ails you, just call your local reflexologist and you can be sure of a reduction of tension and inducing relaxation.

A truly wonderful certified reflexologist named Jean owns Andover Hair and Skin Care in Andover and will be happy to suit your needs professionally. Or if you visit your local North End Library, Paula can help you find books on reflexology and you and a friend can understand and experience the treasures of this cure-all art.

A pampering foot treatment massage cream with peppermint and lavender is Pedi-Cure by Gena, professionally sold in beauty supply stores or salons. This cream can heal dry, cracked heels and bring those soles back to baby-soft when used regularly. I have sold lots of it in my salon with re-orders of rave reviews!

To finish off a foot massage or just to use on tired aching feet, is Pedi-Ice, a deep cooling gel, also by Gena. Included in this line of healing products are a foot bath soak and a sloughing lotion to exfoliate dead skin. Call me for more info.

Foot hygiene consists of cleansing the feet thoroughly everyday to remove dead skin and eliminate bacteria. A very handy foot scrubber for that "hard to bend down" syndrome is called Soapy Soles, a soft flexible plastic sole with 1,500 gently rounded fingertips. They clean while providing a gentle soothing massage. Just add a few drops of your fav liquid soap. I just adore mine. It's cleansing and makes my feet feel sooo good! Che bella piede!

Always dry thoroughly, especially between toes. The creams I mentioned will keep the skin soft along with the use of powders to absorb moisture and prevent infection. Gena also carries a great foot powder--Pedi-Dry--which also keeps those feet smelling fresh and staying dry.

Ciao for now.


[Mary DiZazzo is a third-generation cosmetologist and owner/operator of Mary for Nails, etc. natural nailcare salon in Andover, Mass.and may be contacted at (978) 470-8183. She also sees select clients by appointment in Boston at (617) 742-6881.]